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SleeperService August 5, 2011 20:26

Question about Axisymmetric solver.
Hi all

I'm doing a study with a 2D axisymmetric setting. In this study, there is a particular zone that acts as an energy source. This semicircular zone is intended to be rotated about the axis to model a spherical region of plasma.

Now, I have defined an energy source term within that zone, and I know the total energy deposited per second within the sphere (7W), and I know that this small region has a radius of 0.25 mm.

Now, calculating the volumetric heating as simply Power/Volume results in a figure of the order 10^10 W/m3

Now, my question is this: I'm unsure if I should be calculating the volumetric heating based upon the volume, as I've done above, or if I should simply calculate it over the semicircular area, which is then integrated around the axis BY FLUENT automatically - I have no idea what Fluent would actually do, so I'm hoping someone who's experienced in axisymmetric solution can advise me on this.

Thanks in advance.

jsm August 8, 2011 10:17


You need to give the full source as like 3D analysis. No need to convert the source to axi symmetric analysis.

SleeperService August 8, 2011 17:13

OK, awesome. That means I've done it right then. Thanks.

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