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just-right August 6, 2011 12:14

TUI - Porous zone and energy source terms
I am working on a problem that require modeling of a radiator. Since the flow structures are rather complex I need to start simple and work my way up in complexity.

Halfway through I need to activate an energy source term in a porous zone with a certain magnitude. I have tried looking for it in the manual and went through all the /define options. I have however been unable to find a command that can provide me with this option.

With a direct interface it would be:

Cell Zone Conditions -> porous (name) -> edit -> activate source terms -> Energy (W/m3) -> One source (number of sources) -> constant

Could somebody please inform if it is possible and how to approach it?


nenazarian July 26, 2012 19:44


I almost have the same issue
I cant access cell zones conditions with TUI

have you figured it out? I would appreciate if you tell me.


micro11sl April 25, 2013 10:34

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I get it sorted. Just try here:

zone id/name [live]
material-name [air], change current value? [no]
then Specify source terms? [no] yes

"live" is the name for my fluid zone.


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