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Mohankumarg12 August 8, 2011 02:52

Centrifugal pump boundary condition
I am analyzing a centrifugal pump to find out the maximum mass flow rate for a given pressure drop. For this my customer gave me a input as

Total Pressure drop as 2.0 bar.
Inlet Total pressure as 0.9 bar.
Rotation speed as 5000 rpm

I am using MRF and I am specifying a rotation speed of 5000 rpm for my rotating domain. My problem is how can I specify my inlet and outlet boundary condition.

The pressure inlet that we are specifying at the inlet in fluent is total pressure and the pressure that we are specifying at the outlet is Static pressure.

If I am giving a total pressure at the inlet as 0.9 bar, how can I specify the pressure at the outlet?

Thanks in advance.

Far August 8, 2011 11:59

0.9 Bar is the gauge pressure. if this is so then keep the operating pressure as default value. Give the outlet as 0 bar and then increase to 0.1 bar and so on and get the converged solution for each point

Mohankumarg12 August 9, 2011 00:04

Hi Thanks for the reply.
I am a bit confused, are you saying to increase the static pressure at the outlet by a step of 0.1 bar and to get a converged solution for each case then to check the total pressure difference at each step until I get a total pressure drop value of 2.0bar.

Is this what you are saying? If not can you explain me please?

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