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shashank312 August 9, 2011 16:13

Moving Solid!
How would you assign a translational velocity to a moving solid which is placed over a fluid region?

I tried doing a moving reference frame on both the solid and fluid regions. And I gave a negative velocity to the solid region and a zero velocity to the fluid region according to my project.

But when I solve and look at the velocity vs z-coordinate plots, I get a zero velocity in the solid region.

I hope somebody has an answer to this. Meanwhile, I am looking into the Fluent user guide for more help.



_Denis_ August 13, 2011 12:44

Hi, shashank312.I'd propose to use dynamic mesh technique. For this you've got to write a simple udf on C. Look for "modelling flow using dynamic mesh" in the user's guide.
What do you mean when you say "over the fluid region"? Is your solid object moving in vacuum? Air, for example, should be modelled as a fluid region as well.

shashank312 August 13, 2011 14:38

Thanks for the advice. But I solved it. It was more of a bug in Fluent. It does not calculate velocity in the solid. So, I tried putting a hot spot to see if it showed any impressions under the solid.

And what I meant by "over the fluid" was that my solid was plate was on the top of a channel in which fluid was flowing.

Dynamic mesh is not necessary. Moving reference frame works just fine.

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