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amin hosseini August 12, 2011 18:26

bulk temperature
hi friends ,
I wish you good moments
must polt the nusselt number in a circular tube under the condition that : constant flux and constant wall temperature
we know the nusselt number after the developed region undert this conditions are 4.36 and 3.66
but my nusselt number is very large !
I think my problem is the bulk temperature !
but I don't know how can I correcte this problem ,
help me please step by step if you konw ,
I need the plot af nusselt number that leading to 4.36 and 3.66
thank you dears ,
-in fluent software-

shahvar September 23, 2012 03:11

I have same problem,please help us:(

syavash September 25, 2012 20:51


Originally Posted by shahvar (Post 383166)
I have same problem,please help us:(

Could you manage to solve the problem?! If not, I have some hints for you!


POOJAJJW September 26, 2012 01:42

you should use udf for bulk temperature,as u must be knowing that bulk temperature is integration of u(r)T(r)rdr /integration of u(r)rdr...where u is avg.velocity T is temperature and r is radius of ur pipe and limit is from 0toR

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