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haka August 15, 2011 08:26

Average Temperature in Domain
I had done a transient calculation(airflow in a heat source in room) for temperature in probe in outlet.
Now i have to do the same transient calculation for the average temperature and average velocity for the domain(room).
Please help me on define this condition.

haka August 17, 2011 06:25

Please help
As no one is responding ,here i try to explain the problem.

I'm trying set a variable at nodes in pre processing in fluent.
So i can know the temperature in each node in the domain at every timestep.So at end i will know the Moving average(temperature) of the Domain. I guess its something like transient statistics in CFX.

It will become difficult to do in post processing with 1 million nodes 1000 time step to calculate.

p.s Area avg or Mass avg of temperature in volume monitor wont do this.

please help me.

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