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Mohsin August 16, 2011 10:48

Mesh elements shape on faces
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I meshed a face of a cylinder with a pave scheme and an interval count on that face=50 (figure. 1)
Then, I meshed the second face with a pave and with an interval count on that face also=50 (Figure. 2)

I figured that the shape of the mesh elements are not the same on these faces. even though both are faces of a, uniform radius, cylinder; with the same mesh interval count and the same face vertex position. The top view is shown in figure. 3 which shows that mesh shape is different on both faces.

Could anyone tell me why the mesh elements' orientation is different for each of face? It fails the cooper scheme (Volume mesh) coz the mesh source faces are not similar for sweep. What might be the reason of mesh different shape and what is the remedy?

1. I tried meshing edges first, but similar problem.
2. The cylinder on both ends are also connected with other cylinders (sharing a split face).
3. Automatic cooper scheme is a remedy for this problem (as shown in figure 4, which is the top view of the cylinder giving same orientation/shape) but how does Automatic cooper scheme did it without shape change?

Thank you

husker August 16, 2011 12:11


You can try to create the cylinder by extruding one (circle) side of it.

Hope this helps.

-mAx- August 17, 2011 00:40

if you want exactly the same face mesh you need to link the 2 faces (face/link)
But if you only mesh one surface, then select volume mesh, gambit should mesh the volume automatically and therefore you get 2 identical surface meshes because of cooper.
Note that for cooper mesh, you only need one source face which is meshed (and not 2)

Mohsin August 17, 2011 02:37

Thank you very much Max, Now it's clear.
Husker, thank you too.

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