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lordofnoldor August 18, 2011 10:17

Question about user defined memories in FLUENT 6.3
Hello all,

I have a question concerning UDMs inside Fluent. Whenever you define a memory I assume it is defined for the whole domain. I mean, for example if I am using a memory in calculation of a surface property this means I am using let's say F_UDMI. However FLUENT also makes the cell memories C_UDMI available (having same index with F_UDMI) whether I am using it or not. And if I'm not wrong C_UDMI holds place in memory which is really bad for my case (working with very high cell count). Please correct me if I am wrong till this part because I'm new to these stuff and trying to understand how the program operates :)

What I want to know is if I can define more specific memories, for example not for the hole domain but only for faces of my interest or not.

Thank you

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