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zac August 22, 2011 14:37

shock in conv-div nozzle
Hi folks,
i am a junior research fellow and i'm currently working on the simulation os shock formation in the divergent portion of a conv-div nozzle. the nozzle i am using is axisymmetric. so, i used a 2D model for meshing in ICEM-CFD aand specified axis of symmetry in fluent 2D. but, even though i am using a very fine mesh (5,50,000 elements), the solution is still diverging after 2 or 3 iterations. i used pressure inlet and pressure far-field BC's apart from the wall and axis BC's. i could not understand why this is happening. please suggest some solution.


purushothge December 25, 2011 09:25

try outlet as pressure outlet condition ... change the material as ideal gas.....

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