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samuraijack August 23, 2011 09:24

natural convection in 2-D rectangular cavity
i am new to fluent and i want to know how to solve natural convection problem in a rectangular cavity.
out of the four walls left is heated and right wall is cold.
top and bottom walls are insulated.
what should be the boundary conditions and which kind of model should i adopt to obtain the solution.
thanks in advance..!

NormalVector August 24, 2011 10:28

The tutorials for FLUENT may be of use to you, there is one that models natural convection but it also includes radiation. Check tutorial 5 here:

The boundary conditions for your case may be just as they sound; a hot wall at temperature T_hot and a cold wall at T_cold. Make sure you enable the energy equation under the "Models" tab. There are also ways to define properties as a function of temperature (under the "Materials" tab) like the boussinesq approximation, ideal gas, etc depending on the type of fluid you're using.

I also have a question for others on this forum about what solver to use for natural convection... pressure based or density based? In the tutorial above they use pressure based but I'm not sure which is appropriate for what Rayleigh Numbers.

samuraijack August 24, 2011 10:46

@normalvector.. thanks a lot... i already tried that tutorial and now i want to get the results for higher reynolds number so that i can get secondary vortices at bottom left and bottom right corner of cavity.. guide!

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