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Yapoo August 31, 2011 15:59

Which Turbulence modeling????
hi friends,

I'm working on hydrodynamic analysis of catamaran hull in turbulence flow with VOF method in low Reynolds number (Shallow water).

please give me your suggestions about the best turbulence modeling for this problem.

jlefevre76 August 31, 2011 17:27

How is the reynolds number defined for this system? Based on depth of the water, not the length of the hull? Also, it's a fluid-fluid interface problem, so I'm guessing you're mainly looking at the water side fluid mechanics?

My method of determining a turbulence model might not be the best, but usually I test 2-3 models that I think would work, and if they all give me similar results, I just pick one and run with it.

Anyway, more details might help if you want someone to reply who really knows what they're talking about! :)

Hossein Mirabi October 2, 2016 02:29

Hi Dear Yapoo

I believe it is better to use Reynolds Stress Turbulence Model. The RSM use 7 different transport equation, 6 equation for elements of stress tensor and 1 for turbulence dissipation rate. So this model estimate hydrodynamic parameters of flow anisotropically and it has more accuracy in compare with two-equation models like k-e and k-w. On the other hand it is a time-consuming model.
So if you have enough time and fast Processor, this is an ideal model for estimating turbulent parameters.

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