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Christoph_84 September 1, 2011 05:21

Modeling the Sandia flame D with EDC

I tire to model the Sandia flame D with EDC to validate the EDC Model. I tried different reduced mechanisms Based on GRI 3.0, converted the Fortran code to c (f2c) and implemented that Mechanisms with a net reaction rate UDF. But the 12 Step mechanism from the Sandia homage crashes after some calculation Time (negative mass fraction), and the other mechanisms from J. Hewson and M. Bollig works. The Flame ignites on high gas temperatures, but when I set the right temperature the flame extinguishes (transient calculation with 1 interration per Time step).

Did anyone of you have success by calculation such a Flame with EDC? Other combustion Models in Fluent are already tested:

-Flamelet: standard model we use for calculations, but the combustion products canít react (reducing ore with CO for example)
-Eddy Dissipation: no chemical kinetic, just turbulence => to short hot Flame
-Eddy Dissipation/laminar fine rate: same effects line EDC
-PDF Transport: needs to much calculation time

So we think that EDC or Eddy Dissipation/laminar fine rate is that what we need as addition to the Flamelet model.

Kind regards,


Pei September 18, 2011 20:24

UDF source file
Hello Chris,

Could you please share your UDF source file? I am also trying a n-heptane reduced mechanism and found some abnormal.....



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