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Mohsin September 3, 2011 04:34

Kinetic theory inputs

In the "Material" section of FLUENT, Fluent 6.3 User guide says that when you will select "Kinetic theory" for "Cp, viscosity and/or thermal conductivity" you need to input some parameters such as "charatceristic length” and “energy parameter" as mentioned in this page:

However, in FLUENT 13.0 there is no option for inputting any such parameter. NO INPUT IS REQUIRED BY FLUENT 13. Why do they contradict? Does Fleunt 13.0 doesnt require these inputs? I am using Ansys Fluent 13.0 version. The user guide which I am following is FLUENT 6.3.

Please assist

Mohsin September 6, 2011 00:44

My mistake. When you click on "create" then this option appears.

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