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Explorer September 14, 2011 05:52

Read transient profile file
Hi there,

i ll try to read a transient tabular profile file for a boundary condition.
Fluent just says:" Reading transient profile file..."
But nothing happens after that...
What kind of file should it be? The user guide says it should be a .ttab file.
Can I use textpad or wordpad to write this file?


Jim87 October 13, 2011 13:21

this is exactly my current problem.
But in my opinion you have to read a *.c data, the *ttap is for an other case, if you don't work with the command text. I tried the *.ttap, the program doesn't list files with this ending.

Can someone say me, if the program gives a feedback, when it has read the UDF files (or the tabular transient profile)?

I'm new with UDF's and not really skilled in it.


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