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jordibartrons September 16, 2011 14:35

Rotating Frame

Heartly welcome to all fluent users.

i am facing a problem in giving Boundary Condition.

please help me to solve this.

problem is i am having a blade in a cylinder.

i want to simulate the condition while blade rotates.

how to carry out this problem.

m2montazari September 18, 2011 15:21

hi jordi and welcome,
to model a rotating blade, you have some options:rotating-reference-frame, sliding-mesh, dynamic-mesh,...
if you have a blade in free stream and there is nothing very close to blade(such as vains and contra-rotatind blade) the simplest model is rotating-reference-frame. the settings is explained in fluent tutorial and you can read it but as an abstract one: first make a grid around the blade in two zones. one zone is a cylinder around the blade and another is all other parts of domain except that cylinder. faces between these two zones must be interior. then after reading mesh in fluent, go to define-boundary condition and set the fluid zone of the cylinder. there you can choose the movement of zone:stationary,moving-reference or moveing mesh. choose second one and then set all walls to ensure correct velocity for each of them(for example the blade wall must be changed to moving wall and a zero RELATIVE veloctiy to adjacent cell zone). hope it helps

jordibartrons September 19, 2011 11:38

Thank you very much. I'm trying to do that, but how can I make two grids in two different domains?

m2montazari September 23, 2011 02:56

sorry for lateness. simply make a cylinder-shaped volume around the blade and another volume(or volumes) around that volume. these volumes should have a face(or faces) in common. attention to prevent face duplicatins. both volumes should use the common face. then simply generate grid in each volume and in boundary conditions specify the common face as interior and each of two volumes(or set of volumes) as a fluid zone.

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