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satish.iith September 20, 2011 13:36

spray modelling
I tried model a spray injection of ethyl-alcohol-air mixture into a continuous phase of air. geometry- 4.3x4.3x8.6cm. injection point 1mm below the inlet surface. radius of nozzle is 2.15mm.
injection details are like this:
cone, ethyl alcohol as evaporating species and droplet model
point properties - start time=0 and stop time=10000; cone angle = 0; radius=0.00215m

:confused:i still can't understand why it asks flowrate given velocity and radius of nozzle??

Discrete Phase model
interaction with cont. phase - on & update DPM source every 10 iterations

:confused: In particle treatment, can any one explain what does particle timestep size and number of time steps mean???
:confused:Also, can anyone explain where the evaporation of droplet is accounted for???

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