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coprem September 26, 2011 04:34

evaporator design including external flow

I am working on boiling in evaporators.

Domain description:

1. tube body
2. inner fluid
3. fins body (fin body is modelled as porous medium)
4. external air body

i am having liq- refrigerated, vap-refrigerant and air as different fluids that are to be modelled.

i selected mixture model in multiphase flow with 3 phases. i specified primary phase as liq- ref, secondary as vap-ref and secondary phase as air.

my question is : in the inner fluid domain there should not be any air and in the external air domain there should not be any liq and vap-refrigerant. so is this possible to model.

and how to model porous medium with air flowing in with out any refrigerant.

this model is working fine in single phase flow .... i am new to use multi phase model. so can any one help in this.


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