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m.beh September 29, 2011 13:27

volumetric reaction and energy balance?

when I enable the volumetric reaction the energy equations are enable too and I can not disable it again. but in my case there is no need for solving energy balance.

so here is the question:
1-can I disable the energy balance by a text command? I can not find it in ansys help. have you any Idea about disabling energy balance in this case?

2- If i do not disable energy balance is there any problem for my case. I mean I can not find any couple between energy balance, mass and momentum balances. so if I let it compute energy balance is there any bad result ? I wrote a UDF for my reaction rate and I did not use the rate that ansys give me.

thank you

cici October 17, 2011 17:21

Just turn off the energy in the solution controls-->equations

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