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newbie_81 October 3, 2011 07:55

How to check cell skewness

I created my mesh by using Gridgen and imported the mesh into fluent.I tried to check the skewness quality of my hex mesh but when I clicked on report quality,I got only the information about cell squish.Can anyone advise me on this?

-mAx- October 3, 2011 08:52

I would be suprised if you don't have any panel about mesh quality in Gridgen
>> Check your mesh in your mesh-software

newbie_81 October 3, 2011 18:35

Thanks for the advise.Even though I can check mesh quality in Gridgen,I just wonder why fluent didn't show me the skewness quality of my hex mesh.Perhaps my operation of fluent was inappropriate or fluent itself does not report skewness quality(eg max and min value)

-mAx- October 4, 2011 01:45

I don't have Fluent anymore, but I can remember something about skewness in display/contour/grid.

newbie_81 October 8, 2011 00:34

thank you very much for the advice.

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