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Valpress October 4, 2011 10:26

water vaporation
Hello evereone...could anybody react?

IŽd like to simulate water evaporation with Mixture Elerian model. i can do that but evaporation starst when the saturation temp (set in Phase interaction - Mass transfer dialog box) reaches certain value. if i set ie. 273.15K and temp of air at inlet is 300K then evaporation mass transfer starts at 273.15K

Does anyone know how to set saturation temp or coef. For example if i want to evaporate water and ambient air temp is 340K. Because when i set sat. temp as 373K (100C) there is no evaporation. In real life water evaporates even at normal room temperature (i.e. 20C)....ok it evaporates very slowly but with higher temp. higher evaporation. The question is how to set fluent 13.0 to get reasonable range of vaporization process??

Thanks for comments

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