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hussam66 October 4, 2011 23:21

Movie Command in FIDAP
Hi all ... I am modeling a porous layer undelying a fluid layer and I just knew that I can produce a movie for my model to represent it in my university. I would be very thankful if any one could inform how I can do a movie for the stream lines in my model.

3DmaniacSLDWRKS October 5, 2011 01:27

you can use one of these methods to create an animation off of your solution(these are the ones that I know of):
1-use the animation feature within fluent which stores a series of files and then creates the animation
2-write a scheme/journal loop that loads the dat files(that you have saved every n time-step) and captures the screen/image and then get an animation out of that(read the fluent manual)
3-you can use posprocessing software such as tecplot which is pretty easy to use and produces good results.

hussam66 October 5, 2011 08:25

thanks a lot.

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