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Slavius October 6, 2011 12:10

Question on color maps
Hi there,

I have a slight problem with the color map scale (ticks).
I have a Multiphase Flow constisting of 2 eurlerian phases that can be modelled with the mixture model - so far so good. The calculation converges and I can e.g. contour-plot whatever parameter I want.

But: when I contour plot the phase distribution of my disperse phase (Volumetric Content in the range of ppb (10e-9)) and I try to export the contour plot e.g. as jpeg, the scale numbers turn to zeros.

This only happens after exporting the plot as picture. After the export, the numbers in the plot itself in Fluent turn to zeros, too, so I need to display the results again, to get the "real" numbers at the color map again. But exporting as picture results in zeros again.

Has anyone of you experienced the same problems with these low numbers (10e-9) and has a hint for me, how to avoid turning the ticks on the color map to zeros when exporting as picture?

Many thanks to you all and best of regards


m2montazari October 6, 2011 15:03

I think the numbers are not converted to zeros but they have gone to left side of window and the last zeros of each number is displayed. if so, you can change the size of export window to some value larger in width.
but if it doesnt help, use display colormaps and set exponential number format with high precision(ex. 6). if it doesnt help either, I dont have any idea!!! if I were you, I would try exporting case and data to other postprocessing software like tecplot or paraview and use them for postprocessing.

Slavius October 7, 2011 01:21

Hi Mohammad,

thank you for the quick reply. When I change the min/max-Values manually to 10e-6 the numbers are displayed after having exported the plot. But this drastically changes my colormap (as you can imagine).

Anyway, thank you for the hints. I'll try it right now...


Slavius October 7, 2011 02:50

3 Attachment(s)
Hi there,

I doesn't work.

Just to make sure, you all understand what the problem is, I have attached some screenshots to explain.

Pic 1: shows the colormap in fluent including values prior to exporting
Pic 2: shows the colormap in fluent including values after exporting
Pic 3: shows the colormap in the exported jpeg-picture

Anyone got a hint or a solution to my problem?

Thanks and regards

m2montazari October 7, 2011 03:28

you can cheat it! define a new function which is equal to your desired function multiplied by 10^9. (use custom field function). then display new function contour and add a caption to the image that it is multiplied to 10^9 in your report.
the other thing you can do is to simply maximize the displayed contour window and use printscreen to capture what is on your monitor. then crop any window border or taskbar or... you want. in this way you can have bitmap based images(like jpeg,bmp,png,...) not vector based(like wmf,ps,eps,svg,...).

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