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Iltesham October 6, 2011 15:58

Non-convergnece error message
I did not find any thread which talks about this, so i am putting it down here.
I am doing some unsteady simulations involving combustion with K-e model.
The problem i am facing is that before every time step there is a series of messages like " Cell with id =xxx and centroid at (x,y) did not converge" and then i get this message " total number of cells did not converge in this time step = 100".
And after this the actual iteration starts.
I dont know what is causing this problem, can any body help please?
I will really appreciate it.
I am using multi-species kinetic mechanism and "KINetics from reaction design" module.
The Mesh seems ok
Can some body please help.

Iltesham October 6, 2011 16:00

cells do not converge
I have tried changing URFs and Courant Number but not working.

malay November 4, 2015 15:08

I faced same problem ?
do u solve it please ?

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