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optimus_jack031 October 11, 2011 07:43

Problem in finding files after exporting
dear every1,
I am using fluent-gambit for the first time. I am learning it by practicing the tutorials provided. My problem is that after meshing the geometry and exporting it via 'File>export>mesh' i am not able to read/locate its corresponding 'case' file in fluent. Its basically a 3d problem and i opted for Generic solver
Please help me out...
i know it must be trivial issue but i am just not able to get it...

-mAx- October 12, 2011 02:10

gambit export doesn't provide any case file, but a mesh file (in your case *.neu)
To find your file, it is located where you started gambit.
If you started gambit in C:\test, but you opened a .dbs file in C:\temp, then your export will be in C:\test

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