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shubhankar.kulkarni55 October 11, 2011 09:24

Natural convection analysis for fins
Hey Guys!

I am trying to perform a 'Natural Convection' analysis for a fin array having fin spacing 10mm. I need a steady state solution. The fin array used in the experiment uses 3 cartridge heater rods of brass. I have given the source terms for all three of the rods, dividing the total wattage value equally in these 3 rods. I am using the 'incompressible ideal-gas' model for the air and 'body force weighted' solution method for the pressure scheme, and 'first order upwind' for the rest. I'm using the k-epsilon model and the turbulent intensity and the hydraulic diameter are specified at the inlet and outlet. Inlet BoCo- Very less mass flow (0.0001 m^3/s) Outlet BoCo- outflow. I have tried using the pressure conditions for the inlet and outlet, but it's not giving the desired flow pattern i.e. the air is flowing downward direction. Also the temperatures are coming to be pretty high, around 1600 Kelvin in both the cases. Please guide me.

Looking forward to your support.

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