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sabin October 13, 2011 00:43

Transferring fluent data in Matrix form
I want transfer result of one of my Fluent simulation into a Matalb code. For this purpose I have to convert Fluent 2D profile in matrix form, (the surface is rectangular in shape, so it can be represented as matrix).

Is there any way to do it ?. I already tried file-export-ASCII ,but it transfer data as a single column , not as matrix.

Please help
Regards Sabin Mathew:(

m2montazari October 13, 2011 16:07

you can export x-coordinate, y-coordinate and your desired result values in ASCII. then in matlab read them and sort by x, then y. now you can put the sorted column in a matrix.
I think it is a fairy simple way. forget about straight ways of exporting data in matrix format from fluent; because fluent is an unstructured grid solver and doesnt know the matrix shape of your grid in a face.

sabin October 13, 2011 23:31

Thank you Mohammad, I also did something like that... :)

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