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Bionico October 13, 2011 07:51

Premix Burner
I'm working on a premix burner of a boiler: it should distribute the mix air+gas from the fan the to the heat exchanger (after have gone through a certain circuit).
Since there's a metal fiber (1 mm thick), I prefer use porous model (to avoid a mesh too heavy).
I think that in this case I can use Porous jump rather than Porous zone because the burner is very thin (even if a bit curved). Am I right?
Above all I need some advice to define Inertial & Viscous Resistances: after experiments I got Viscous Resistance closed to zero: can i put "0" where Fluent asks me the permeability? and C2 about 500000 is realistic? (the flow is turbulent)
Please help me :)

(excuse me for my horrible english)

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