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ezabille October 13, 2011 17:30

please help please
i simulate a heat transfear in nozzel i have an anisotropic matereals
i draw 2d hve axis then choose axisymetric in solver

after i finsh when i plot themal conductivity at solid anisotrpic matireal i found it = 0

and when i write it it come = 0

fluent put recommendation to me that axis is not axis
but i am sure i put it right

any body help me how can i choose an axis in anisotropic matereals

pstreufert October 14, 2011 17:41

If you use the axisymmetric option, your axisymmetric axis must be the x-axis.

ezabille October 14, 2011 19:35

i am sure my axis is an axis to my project bet when i check cas i found a recomendation that put axis in the center line of x- axis

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