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shubham208011 October 17, 2011 01:23

Modelling Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying of flyash

I want to model the dense phase pneumatic conveying of flyash in pipe in Fluent 6.3. which offer three different turbulence multiphase model namely mixture turbulence model, dispersed phase turbulence model and per-phase turbulence model.

Is it correct to use per-phase turbulence model for this modelling as mixture model is applicable when density ratio between phases is close to 1 (in this case it is not close to 1 because density of air= 1.225kg/m3 and density of flyash= 2300kg/m3) and dispersed turbulence model is appropriate when the concentration of the solid phase is diluted.

Thanks in advance

shubham208011 October 18, 2011 02:30

Help me out Please...

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