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ypchen October 19, 2011 00:11

temperature inlet bondary condition
Hi, everybody

My inlet BC type in FLUENT is "pressure inlet", and I want to use the BC as below : dT/dX = 0 where T is temperature and X is normal to the inlet bondary, and my case is 2-D. By reading the FLUENT guideline, I think this BC may use the UDF code to edit this condition, but I don't know how to solve the temperature gradient by using the code, can anyone help me? Thank you very much .

cartman October 19, 2011 08:09

First of all

Don't Thrust me, because I am a newbie :cool:

I think you can use "pressure inlet" when du/dx=0..

or... I don't know(sorry:rolleyes:) mabye UDF can save you.

you don't mean adibatic wall, right?

ypchen October 19, 2011 23:36

Hi, Cartman

My original inlet BC is : n●grad(T) = 0 where n is normal direction vector and grad means gradient. So it can be simplified to dT/dX = 0.This condition means I neglect the inlet thermal conduction effect.

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