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deeimproptus October 21, 2011 14:34

Wall functions
What should be wall functions (in realizable K-Epsilon model) for
y+ < 1
y+= 5-10
y+> 30

And what exactly the physics behind the choosing these different wall functions

sabin October 22, 2011 00:13

You need not define any wall function in different flow regimes. In Enhanced wall function option Fluent will actually solve N-S eqns to find flow pattern (more accurate). Standard wall function is just an interpolation (less accurate).

But since Enhanced wall function actually solves the flow you have to make sure that your first grid point lies in distance y+ < 5 (viscous sublayer)

There is no y+ < 1 rule as u said.

Regards Sabin Mathew:)

deeimproptus October 22, 2011 01:07

thank it was useful

one more thing for enhanced wall function we need the first cell size with y+<5

say if i want or say created another geometry with y+=10 for first cell

and again another with y+=30 for first cell

what wall function should I use for those two cases (say Standard Wall Function or Non-Equilibrium wall function)

sabin October 22, 2011 01:28

I don't know what is 'non-equilibrium wall fn', standard wall function is good enough for both the cases.

deeimproptus October 22, 2011 01:41

ok thanks buddy

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