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taw October 24, 2011 06:12

melting + vof modeeling for PCM in air
Kindly may I ask for a guide on how I can model melting of a phase change material (PCM) in air using Fluent. I don't have problem to model melting if the material is all PCM. The Fluent theory manual says you can use VOF + melting and I am not sure if this refers to my type of problem. Or should I use three phase VOF with source for momentum and energy provided with udf, but that sounds to start from a scratch and may take a long time for me to do this (what Fluent already did).

Please give me some tricks I should follow for this.

I also thought to solve for another UDS on the top of 1 phase melting model, but couldn't do it. The problem with this approach is that when I assign the liquid fraction to 0 at the solid zone, Fluent automatically assumes liquid fraction of 1 to the left of the zones, which I were thinking to fill these zones with air. Please help.

By the way I have seen many threads with similar questions already posted by different people in this forum, but they always got unanswered. It is nice some one with the knowledge say yes this is possible or otherwise.


thermal energy March 19, 2014 16:49

hi taw. do you have any solution. ı also similar questions. thank you

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