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medogalal October 26, 2011 08:15

How to carry out 3D shell and Tube Heat Exchanger analysis in fluent
Dear Sis,

Please urgently, how to simulate heat exchanger in fluent? do i have to build a model in gambit first? or there is a settled model in fluent, because I done the following :
Opened Fluent
Choosed 3d version
Selected Define ---- User-Defined --- but I found Heat exchanger not active
I logged to chapter 7.25 of heat exchanger models and chapter 33.3 of user defined for heat exchanger in fluent help but I couldn’t activate the heat exchanger option.
They said I have to make a boundary condition file by (file ---- write-bc) but I couldn’t find this option also to make (define ---- user-defined ---- heat-exchanger) but also it gave me invalid command.

So please advice do I have to make heat exchanger model in gambit first or use fluent directly and how?
best regards

xuzy0223 December 8, 2011 04:30

hi,i guess you don't active the energy equation

faheemfiaz8 December 6, 2014 14:47

can you please explain what are you asking?

Bhavadip December 30, 2015 05:28

me also working on shell and tube heat exchanger, have you got the answer??

i modified the shell and tube heat exchnager, can i use inbuilt model of heat exchanger which is available in fluent?

I have two hot fluid an one cold fluid how can i apply this condition to the fluent model??

i also found the different boundary condition for all the wall of tube baffle and tubesheet,can i done by applying name section to all the part and than give the condition to all this in one point but all the part show individual in boundary condition?

Can anyone know whats the shadow?? in bc??

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