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quiri October 26, 2011 10:48

HELP: building Fluent application

I state that I use Fluent just from 2 weeks and I just registered in this forum.

I have to analyze the air flow in a storic building. This flow is generated by the temperature gap (hence by the pressure gap) between two points in the building. So I draw a 3D model with my building, placed inside an air box that intersects the ground (to simulate the atmosphere around the building). If necessary I will make larger this box to be sure it doesn’t affect the fluid flow.

What's the best way to set the boundary conditions in my case? I talk about the walls of my box: have I to set them as "wall" (with a temperature equal to the atmosphere one)? Or is there any option to simulate the condition of wall traversed by the fluid flow (that can enter or exit)?

Sorry for my bad english,
thanks in advance


PS: i will make the "mesh" with Ansys ICEM CFD, and I will use a tetrahedral module (i think this is the easiest way).

amir.mofakham October 26, 2011 12:13

I think u can use pressure outlet for the walls of the box.
I suggest u do not use tetrahedral, this module is not accurate enough in addition in that you want to simulate air of a building, you should try to decrease the number of the mesh and hex mesh will be better for this problem.
Mesh is very important for any problem so take notice to it.

pstreufert October 27, 2011 10:35

You need to set a Pressure Far-field boundary condition rather than inlet/outlet for the "box". Read the user's guide to see how to set it up - you need to use the ideal gas law for density calculation for it to work, plus there are a few other limitations. I used it to model wind blowing over a large building at various angles.

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