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Lubomir October 29, 2011 13:25

Help me please
Hi Guys.

I have an unsolvable problem. I am beginner in CFD.
I would like to model Karman vortex trail - school experiment.

Real experiment: Pipe is placed in center of river. Behind the pipe are generated Karman vortexes. I know the velicity inlet. That´s all.

The problem: I have mesh(Gambit) of this problem, 2D solution. What are the boundary types for outlet and for two side edges?

I tried calculation but after 12000 iterations were no convergence - still oscilated.
I am not sure if I set all the parameters right.

Can You help me? Please give me advise what,where and how I must set:(


Laci October 30, 2011 16:25

Boundary conditions for outlet: outflow or pressure-outlet (with the proper pressure value)
The walls should be simply wall :D

Since the simulation of Kármán vortexes is transient, you should go for time-dependent simulation. Did you do that? From the oscillating residuals I guess you didn't.

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