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Noobinator November 1, 2011 09:20

2 mesh, 1 issue

I've created twice the same mesh with minor difference in the name of the boundary.
For the 1st one, I've assembled all isothermal wall-boundaries into one and on the 2nd I've nammed each isothermal wall-boundary differently.

Now if I apply exactly the same parameters (boundary-conditions, turbulence model, numerical schemes, etc) on both mesh in FLUENT, I obtain two totally result.
1st mesh convergence really quickly and gives exactly what I've expected.
2nd mesh divergence totally and all residuals oscillates as hell...

how is it possible, it should be exactly the same for FLUENT to compute those two meshs?!?

Please help me, I've already played with relaxition factors, but it didn't work.

PS: please excuse my poor english

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