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Lexa November 2, 2011 04:42

2 phase heat transfer
I want to study about the phase change due to the heat added into the system.

My system is a solid rectangular (materials : wood) which has a hollow sphere inside. The sphere is filled with the phase-change materials (paraffin, phase-change temperature is between 295-300 K). The initial temperature is 273 K so the paraffin is still in solid phase.

then the heat flux is given on one side of the rectangular wood, which the other sides are insulated. I want to know the temperature contour and the liquid fraction for every seconds of simulation (unsteady conditions) but I have no idea how to setup the Fluent, specially to set these two materials (paraffin and wood). Should I use solidification/melting and multiphase (2 phase Eulerian mode) options or use the other one?

could anybody help me to develop this case?

Thank you.

hamedi.m.reza November 3, 2011 09:38

In order to have heat gradient between wood and paraffin you have to model the geometry in 2 different body. Then mesh it and set the mesh interfaces of outer paraffing and inner wood walls. After importing the mesh to fluent, assign the mesh interface and couple the walls (fluent will create shadow walls automatically).
Set the BC of wood upper side to have heat flux and follow the solidification model.
Hope you find it practical.


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