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Bodiir November 2, 2011 09:28

floating point error with solar-calculator
Hi all,

Im trying to use the solar-calculator in fluent. The model is a simle block (one volume, six faces, 8m x 10m x 15m).

Sadly i got some errors and problems and i cant find my mistake...

First of all i got the message:

Error: class CxFrameNT does not recognize attribute right-of.
Error: class CxFrameNT does not recognize attribute below.

when i read my casefile.

The second problem is, that i cant change the values under define->models->radiation [illumination parameters]. It would be best to calculate these parameters (Direct Solar Irradiation and Diffuse Solar Irradiation) with the solar calculator but it doesnt work. Also if i type a constant value and click ok the settings werent saved.

After all i got a "floating point error" each time i enable "use total irradiation from solar load model settings" under "boundary conditions"->semitransparent wall->"radiation".

I will add a summary with my settings. If you need more information please tell me. Im new in this forum and just worked a few weeks with Fluent.

Hope for your help :)
Thx a lot,


The casefile:

The summary:

sheikh nasir February 8, 2012 04:56

Floating error help
i am getting floating error:invalid number. I am working on train travelling in tunnel. Can any body help me. My email is

please help me

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