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jbjiang November 2, 2011 15:54

Text command for report surface integral
Dear all,
I have a question about report surface integral.
I have a large number of fluent case/dat results. I want to batch-process the results and get the surface integral of heat flux through the walls.
For every cas/dat, the name of walls are different. In the menu "Reports", if "Fluxes" is considered, there is one option in the text command "all boundary/interior zones [yes]", so I can output the results for all the boundaries. But if I want to output "surface-integral" by text command, there is no such option to output all the boundaries.
Theoretically, I can manually input the name of boundaries case by case in jou file, but the problem is that there is a large number of Fluent cases. Does anybody have the experience to output the surface-integral by jou file without inputting the name of boundaries beforehand?

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