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Modest Cat November 2, 2011 20:37

Not burn in Two Step Simulation of A Combustion Chamber
hi guys!
m using fluent to simulate combustion in a burner. The fuel is CH4.
As the User's Guide says, simulation can be devided into two steps: cold flow and combustion.
But I cannot get it burn in the second step.Please help!:confused:

Main Set:
1.Cold Step
Species: Species Transport, Inlet Difussion, Difussion Energy Source.
(Reaction off)
Solution Control: Equations-> CO2 and H2O off.
Species: Reaction on-> ED model.
Solution: Equations-> CO2 and H2O on

Modest Cat December 3, 2011 23:26

I found out the reason.
I set a constant T=300K as the BC for wall, which was too low.
After changing the BC of wall to adiabatic, the mixture start to burn.

akis December 5, 2011 05:06

combustion modelling
Hi Guys.......
I am a B.Tech student(5th sem, MANIT BHOPAL) and I am just a beginner in the world of CFD. I am quite interested in Combustion modelling of IC Engine.So could you please provide the links of tutorials related to above mentioned field.

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