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apurv November 6, 2011 00:14

Error in reading Fluent 13 case file in fluent 12
Hi all,

I am facing difficulty in reading a fluent 13 case file in fluent 12. The following error comes when i try to read the file:

Error: Error reading "I:\case_conv-1-0.01.cas".
Error Object: #f

Error: %non-conformal-mesh?: invalid grid
Error Object: #f

I have also tried reading the same case file on a cluster and fluent 12 running on linux. I get the following error.

Error: %prf-set-var: invalid flonum
Error Object: (50)

Error: Error reading "xxx.cas".
Error Object: #f
However, there are no issues in reading fluent 12 case in fluent 13. But when the file compiled in fluent 12 is run on fluent 13, it cannot be run again in fluent 12.
Does anyone has any idea how to solve this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated.



fox000002 November 7, 2011 00:05

Fluent is downward compatible.

Fluent12 cannot read Fluent13 case file.

dinesh July 12, 2013 07:46

yah this is the only reason why its not reading it properly bcoz of compatability issues. you have to read your file in a version equal or higher. But remember that once you read it in higher version it wont run back in lower version. So keep your file safely before going for run.

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