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Kwiaci November 6, 2011 10:48

XY Plot question
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I have a question referring XY plot. I need to create a plot where on X axis there will be time (unsteady simulation) and on Y axis temperature in specified point (for example for a location of a red dot in attached picture). Is it any easy way to create such a plot in Fluent?

Amir November 6, 2011 11:11


At first, create your point, then (solve->monitor->surface ....)


Kwiaci November 6, 2011 14:54

OK, I have a point and now what I should choose from options in "define surface monitor" menu?
I chose:
Report of: Temperature - static temperature
Report Type: integral (?)
X Axis: Flow Time
Plot window: 1
And after this it doesn't plot a temperature - it plots straight line. What might be wrong?

Amir November 6, 2011 15:30

Report type: vertex minimum or maximum .... and choose your point from surfaces list.

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