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tim_337 November 8, 2011 19:20

2D-Sliding Mesh Problem
my name is Tim. Im a german mechanical engineering student. I have been reading this website for quite some time. But now I have encountered difficulties and need help :).

I have tried to get the sliding mesh problem working several times. But I always get the following result:

Is there anyone who could give me some advice? Is this a known issue? The sliding mesh-interface seems to have a problem.

Would it be helpful to post the Ansys-Workbench project on the internet?

Thanks in advance


bobmalaria November 9, 2011 14:51

hi tim,

I can't really see what is going on in your picture.
Also I use Fluent directly and Gambit for the meshing but it should be similar in workbench.

So here are a few remarks:

If you want to move e.g. a box through a rectangle domain you can use layering.
the sides of the rectangle need to be specified as stationary, the box and the fluid must be specified as moving. for the movement you need to provide a UDF or *.profile file. also on the stationary sides of the rectangle you need to specify how cells are created and destroyed.

Without more information it is not really possible to help, so please provide a detailed problem description

tim_337 November 14, 2011 16:38

Hi Martin,
I just found out, that I had to switch the Contour-Plot to stationary frame.
Now everything works fine.

Thank you very much for your reply!


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