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Anuj Mathur November 9, 2011 13:04

simulation of solar water heater
Hey all.............
I have to do CFD analysis of solar water heater and i am new to this software.
so please tell me what boundary condition and which model should i take any special comments also welcomed.

bobmalaria November 9, 2011 15:00


is the sun supposed to heat up water in a pipe or vessel?

if yes, then start with the fluent heat exchanger tutorials. this is basically what it is, isn't it?

you will need to provide thermal conductivity data for you pipe material and a reasonable energy source term that represents the sun. what exactly that is... well you need to find this in publications or make measurements.

also "good" material properties for the air around the pipe are needed and possibly a small pressure condition somewhere on the edge of the domain.

Anuj Mathur November 10, 2011 13:19

Thanks for the reply.
yes sun is used as a heat source to heat the pipe and through which water is heated.
I want to know about which model should i used?
which operating conditions for the inlet and outlet of pipe should i used?

bobmalaria November 10, 2011 18:15


again, have a look in the fluent tutorials. they will be part of your fluent documentation and most of them can be found online as well

No one can tell your you inlet boundary conditions. You need to know some flow rates or at least make a good guess of sensible flow rates for your system.

Anuj Mathur November 15, 2011 02:23

I am using mass flow inlet as inlet for pipe and outflow for outlet of pipe.
i am using DTRM radiation model but there is no output. means there is no increment in the outlet temperature. So Plz help what is missing in my simulation.

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