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narbij November 10, 2011 11:53

Wall Particle trapping xyz Coordiantes.

I hope you are all well I was wondering if you could help me with something that would save me a whole lot of time compared to my current method.

I basically have particles of liquid which I am projecting through DPM at a wall. I have set the boundary condition at the wall to trap so anything that hits it traps.

I would like to know the x,y,z positions of the trapped particles at the wall and there corresponding xyz positions at the release/injection surface.

Currently I am looking at the x velocity for each particle and seeing where a minimum is by reporting the variables of each stream ID, then tracking it back to see the xyz coordinate of the point on the release/injection surface. This takes a whole load of time because I am releasing alot of particles.

I was wondering if there is a quicker way of doing this.

I hope I have made myself clear if not please ask:)

Thanks for any help


Amir November 11, 2011 04:06


you can also try this:

Report-> discrete phase-> sample .... and then
Report-> discrete phase-> histogram


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