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emreg November 15, 2011 06:38

visualization of cavitation on propeller blades

how can i visualize the cavitation on propeller blade surface especially vapor/bobble occurrence on surface where cavitation exists?

is a CFD-post software necessary for that?


ghost82 November 15, 2011 10:02

Assuming that you have used the mixture model coupled with one of the cavitational models, you have only to plot contour of vapor fraction of secondary phase (vapor).


emreg November 15, 2011 10:49

residual vf-phase-2 appears allways zero during whole of the transient iteration
other residuals change meaningly.

i dont know why vf-phase-2 doesnt change
could u help me plz

ghost82 November 18, 2011 12:10

Vapor residual is 0 because in your simulation cavitation doesn't occour for some reasons:
- Are you sure that cavitation occurs? what is your cavitation number?
- What are your boundary conditions?
- What is the quality of your mesh?
- What time step are you using for the transient cavitation?

In my experience you have to use a good quality mesh, with appropriate cell size able to capture cavitation; also you have to use small time step (I often used 10^-6 - 10^-7 s).

emreg November 18, 2011 15:04


i hav an 10 million tetra mesh >>> 2 million polihedral.
i visualize vapor fraction by displaying contours, it solved cavitation already, but vf-phase 2 still remains zero. pfff.

time step : 1 degree.


ghost82 November 19, 2011 07:44

Cavitation isn't solved if vapor fraction is 0; this means that cavitation doesn't occur in your simulation.
Explain your case:
- are you moving the blade?I haven't experience with moving frames, I only simulated cavitation (steady and transient) by moving the liquid.
- If you are moving the blade, what is the rpm value?For example, if your blade is at 30 rpm you have 180 degree per second, this means that 1 degree is accomplished in 5.55e-3 s..I recommend to low this value till 10^-5 - 10^-6.
- I recommend to check your grid and to size cells where you think that cavitation occurs near 0.125 mm3 (tet size near 0.5 mm).

emreg November 19, 2011 17:24

i didnt say vapor fraction is zero..
i am talking about vapor phase 2 Residual... it remains zero..
observing vapor.

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