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Joven November 17, 2011 10:23

Is it possible and how to transfert .dat file into another .cas file
Hi for all,
My problem is that I have simulated an unsteadiness model (DES turbulence model) a cluser and now i would like to access to the solution on my computer. The simulation have not been done on my computer because I can not do it on it since the .mesh file is to larger for (10 millions of cells).
Right now, my simulations have converged, and I have obtained the .cas and .dat files from the cluster, so I would like to have access to them for a post-traitment.
Since my computer can not open them, some one has told me that I can perhaps to read my .dat file within a smaller .cas file (one say 2 million of cells, I say that because my computer can open a file of 2 millions of cells, I khow that I will loose some accuracy on the solution, but it will not affect enought the values obtained). So, I do not how to do that, is there any one who can halp me for that, and firstly if it is possible to do it with Fluent software.
Thanks a lot,

Amir November 17, 2011 11:14


In your first case, create interpolate file (file->interpolate) do this step on your cluster first; then in your new case, you can easily read it in a same manner.


Joven November 17, 2011 11:28

Ok, I will do that and perhaps I will need more orientations,
I will keep you informed,
Thanks Amir

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