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davesmith_01 November 17, 2011 15:18

Fluent write UDF for calculating My, Mz and Fz
Hello, I need to calculate two moments and force along the z axis at the end of every timestep. As fluent can only calculate 2 forces and 1 moment in the monitors menu, UDF needs to be written.

The problem is that I do not know how to start this. I know that I should be using Define_execute_at_end so that at the end of the iteration or time-step the moments and forces can be calculated but I do not know what the UDF has to have written. The general Fz and My, Mz equations will be needed but I would need the force to calculate Cz (coeffiicient along z axis).

Any advice is welcome.

rajesh1987 November 20, 2011 22:20

Fluidized bed modeling
I want to do modeling of a fluidized bed using eulerian model...and also involved the both types of reactions, homogenous and heterogeneous. But i don't know how to write reactions with coefficients in fluent 6.3 ???

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