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viva November 20, 2011 00:16

Simulation time and real experimental time
Hi All:

Please help me understand this question about the unsteady simulation. Suppose I run a simulation at delta t = 0.0001 for a total time of say 10 sec. Then how is this time related to the real time of experiments. How can we plot the data for instantenous time for which both the simulation and exptal time should be comparable. I observe that the experiments takes less time to reach steady state than simulations.

Please advice about it.


xrs333 November 20, 2011 07:37

Hi, Viva,
It's straightforward. In simulation physical time, called flow time in FLUENT, is step-size multiplied by timesteps performed. The difference you observed may be aroused by many factors.

viva November 21, 2011 13:54

Thanks for the reply.

Could you please elborate a little bit on the factors you mentioned.


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