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taw November 21, 2011 10:03

Raiation modelling problem
Hi Guys,

A simple radiation modelling problem. The problem is from incropera 5th Edition Example 13.3.

A cylinderical cavity, side wall at 1623K and bottom at 1923K, and top is the atmosphere at 300K. Required heat flux through the top. I used S2S model, the view factor calc is the same on Fluent and the book, but the heat flux from Fluent Report-->Fluxes -->heat transfer rate is very diferent from the book. Can some one shade a light on this. Is Fluent heat flux calc as mentioned reliable.

q_sideWall_Top=1639W, q_sidewall_Top=205W (book)

From Fluent, 52 and 1790W resp.


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